Draw and Topics 2017

The draw for debates in 2017 is shown in the table below.

The topic areas listed below may assist your preparation prior to the night.

The HOST school is listed FIRST.



Rnd Date  Topic  Debates (HOST LISTED FIRST) 
1 21 Jul   Shore v TKS TSC v SIC SJC V SBHS NC v SGS
2 28 Jul   SGS v Shore SJC v TSC NC v SBHS SIC v TKS
3 4 Aug   SJC v Shore TKS v TSC NC v SIC SGS v SBHS
4 11 Aug   Shore v SIC TSC v NC SGS v SJC TKS v SBHS
5 18 Aug   TSC v Shore SJC v NC SIC v SBHS TKS v SGS
6 25 Aug   Shore v NC SBHS v TSC SJC v TKS SGS v SIC
7 1 Sept   Shore v SBHS TSC v SGS SIC v SJC NC v TKS