Topics 2008

Topics from the 2008 competition are listed below, organised by year grouping.

There was a make-up round in round 6, so two topics are listed.



Rd 1: That we should ban cars from the Sydney CBD
Rd 2: That world leaders should not attend the Beijing Olympics
Rd 3: That all schools in NSW should have compulsory sport on Saturdays
Rd 4: That parents should be punished for the crimes committed by their children
Rd 5: That we should not use animals for scientific testing
Rd 6: That students should write report cards on their teachers
Rd 6: That all schools should be co-educational
Rd 7: That voting should be voluntary


Rd 1: That we should privatise water
Rd 2: That we should legalise performance enhancing drugs in sport
Rd 3: That we should introduce a minimum quota for the amount of female sport shown on television
Rd 4: That the federal government should publish a ‘schools league table’ that details  the academic results of all high schools in Australia
Rd 5: That the federal government should compile a national DNA database
Rd 6: That parents whose children skip school should lose their welfare payments
Rd 6: That elected officials should be subject to random drug tests
Rd 7: That we should reserve seats in parliament for Indigenous Australians


Rd 1: That petrol companies should be exempt from a carbon emissions trading scheme
Rd 2: That we should offer Robert Mugabe legal immunity in exchange for him stepping down as the leader of Zimbabwe
Rd 3: That all professional sporting leagues should abolish the salary cap
Rd 4: That we should place sanctions on Russia
Rd 5: That patents on AIDS drugs should be abolished
Rd 6: That the new US President should engage with rogue leaders
Rd 6: That governments should ban size zero models from the catwalk
Rd 7: That smokers should have their access to Medicare limited for smoking related illnesses